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Justin Kitch is the founder and CEO of Homestead, an Internet company launched in 1998 to help clubs, organizations, small businesses and individuals easily create a web presence. Originally a free service, since 2001 Homestead has been a subscription service focused on organizations and small businesses. Homestead believes that no matter how small the business or organization, they should be able to easily create a powerful and professional website that allows them to benefit from the most dramatic technological shift in the history of industry. Prices start as low as $10/month, and Homestead also offers customizeable commerce solutions, professional web design services, and web marketing products. Over 13 million people have built Homestead websites since its inception, with over 1000 small businesses joining the Homestead network every day.

Before Homestead, Justin started KartoffelSoft Inc., an educational software company based on his university honors thesis, a programming language for children named FUNdaMENTAL. FUNdaMENTAL is still used in classrooms around the world, helping to teach basic problem solving and critical thinking skills to thousands of elementary and middle school students in over 50 countries. All proceeds from FUNdaMENTAL go to the Homestead Foundation, a non-for-profit that has given over $250,000 to organizations and causes that are important to the Homestead community of employees and customers.

Before starting his first company, Justin worked as a product manager in the Kids' Group at Microsoft.
Justin is a graduate of Stanford University, with a B.S. in Science, Technology and Society, and a dropout of the Stanford Computer Science graduate program. Justin was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, and now believes that the best experience a young man can have is painting (both sides!) of the fence of the family farm during a Kansas summer.

Justin currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Marlo, and his two sons.

Justin and Gav

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